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The first Rides of Respect held in New Zealand was on the 

 17th May 2015

This year there were even more rides all over New Zealand, eleven in all, held on the 24th April 2016

We are slowly gathering information to post with pictures and info about all the different rides.  Here are a few of their videos, news articles and photo's

If you have any of your own items to show us then please email us at

Well done to all those in New Zealand raising amazing amounts of money

 for various charities that help their ex-Armed Forces!


I was contacted at the end of 2014 and asked if I would like to run a Ride of Respect in New Zealand but I was a little worried about letting the ride down, I was living on the West Coast of the South Island which although its paradise it does not have a very large population. The West Coast is larger than Yorkshire with a population of just 24,000 people and during the winter the passes can be closed with snow, so not many outside riders would be coming.

I was on a charity ride with a few of my brothers from the Widows Sons and at the end of the ride over a few beers we sorted the problem. Sam who is ex Army would hold a ride in Canterbury, Neil who is ex Airforce would hold a ride in Wellington and Ben who is serving with the NZ Navy would hold a ride in Auckland while I would run a ride on the West Coast while being the centre point to coordinate the rides.

I set up the facebook page and posted the four rides and within a very short time I had people from other areas asking why there was no ride in their patch. I explained that I did not have organisers everywhere and if they wanted to run I ride in their area that I would help.  

Come the day 17th May 2015 we had nine rides and 918 riders took part.   

I kept the rules simple, all the rides would start at the same time on the same day so we would all be riding together in spirit if not physically and that each ride would start and finish at an RSA club (Returned Service Association) with the money raised on the day going to the clubs we visit.

The first ride was held the same day as the UK ride to pay respect to the ride starting in the UK, although with us being in the Southern hemisphere and the onset of winter some of the riders ended up riding in snow so we decided to move the ride forward a bit and given that ANZAC day is in April we though the last Sunday before ANZAC day each year would be our ride date. It’s still a bit touch and go for weather given that April is well into Autumn but at least it’s just rain and not snow we have to deal with now.

From the 2015 ride with nine rides we went into 2016 with eleven rides and 1191 riders this year, although the South Island got all the good weather and the North Island got the rain.   The rides that took place were:

Northland run by the RSA

Auckland run by Ben from the Widows Sons MMC supported by the Patriots  DFMC

Waikato run by Dan and Tiki of the Tribal Nations MC

Coromandel run by Marlene of the Ulysses Club

Hawkes Bay run by Crusty Customs and Bay social cruisers

Welington run by Neil from the Widows Sons MMC supported by BRONZ and Wellington riders

Top of the South run by Stephen and Colin from Tribal Nations MC

Christchurch run by Sam from Widows Sons MMC

West Coast run by Sam from Widows Sons MMC

South Canterbury run by Trevor from Braithreachas MC

Lower South last but longest running for two day run by Glenn and Phil from BRONZ 

The ride is now supported by a large number of clubs and by the RSA and I hope to keep building to make it bigger again next year, we will never have the numbers the UK has because we do not have a very large population, less than half the population of London, but we manage to fill the whole country once a year with the sound of thunder and let those who have gone before they are not forgotten.

For 2018 it is my plan to run a ride to the National memorial in Wellington on the 11th November to mark 100 years from the end of the First World War so already planning ahead but what would you expect from a Sapper.

Jackie Adams







24TH APRIL 2016

Arriving from Ngaruawahia

The Waikato Ride of Respect organising committee

Jay Mason, Patrick Te Wake, Chris Laird, Rod Irvine,

Tiki O'Brien and Daniel Temple

RSA Ride of Respect

Social Cruisers NZ

Hawkes Bay

go to the link below to see the video of their ride



Ride of Respect motorcyclists

 raised $840 for the South Canterbury RSA charitable poppy trust


Top of the South Island Ride of Respect biggest yet 




Harley-Davidsons, Triumphs and an assortment of other motorcycles hit the streets of Otago and Southland on Saturday with riders raising funds for the RSA and paying respect to "fallen soldiers''



Two hundred bikies from the Wellington region will pass through Wairarapa on April 24 - the day before Anzac Day - for their annual Ride Of Respect, raising funds and awareness for New Zealand returned services associations.