Red Road Day


Supporting Front Line Workers


Questions & Answers

Question: How do we donate?

Answer: Please click on this link >

Question: Where can I find details of a ride in my area?


Answer: On the website or on the Facebook page read road day England: Northern Ireland: Scotland: Wales pages.


Question: I want to organise a ride but do I have to collect money


Answer: No it will all be done by donations on our website no money is to be collected on the day.


Question: Can I buy merchandise on the day? 


Answer: No it will all be done through our website to order the merchandise.


Question: Who will be getting all the donations?


Answer: An organisation called front line 19.


Question: How much is the registration to ride?


Answer: A minimum of £5 per bike but if you would like to donate more you’re very welcome too.

Question: Why that design and covid in the patch?


Answer: The black dog represents PTSD and mental health. The covid sign is what it is. 


Question: Will we support other charities and non profit organizations?


Answer: if we exceed the amount needed for Frontline 19. Then with the right guidance, we will look at others within this area. 

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